Pediatric Sleep Coach Alyssa Guereca

Hi, I'm Alyssa, I am mother of 1.

As a military wife, I'm used to being on my own away from my family when my husband is deployed. But when I had my son, I really felt the isolation, as I had family nearby to support me, but I did I didn't want me or my son to feel like a burden during late-night wakings. I was becoming more desperate as my son's sleep was terrible.

Eventually, I heard about sleep coaching, and I reached out to a Gentle Sleep Coach. With her help, I made great progress with my son's night sleeping and naps.

What Families Say About Working with Me

"We had a wonderful experience with Alyssa!
Thank you for all your suggestions and support, we so appreciated the time you spent with us!"

~ Natalie - mother to an 18-month-old girl

"Alyssa was very attentive and super supportive throughout the process. The plan we created worked very well within a few days. My child’s sleep improved greatly."

~ Hailey, mother of a 20-month-old girl